Pure Pregnancy is an online prenatal yoga program like no other. It is designed for parents-to-be that want something more from their birth preparation.  You will still learn about the typical physical experiences of pregnancy and birth, but you will also go deeper by learning how to enhance the spiritual experience as well. Based on yogic principles you will practice yoga, use meditations, simple chanting, complete self-reflection exercises, and connect with a community of like-minded parents to experience pregnancy and birth for all its worth. We want you to have an empowered birth and feel connected with your baby throughout the process.


Pure Pregnancy was developed by Jennifer Kavanagh, a mother and yoga teacher who has studied a variety of yogic, meditative, and contemplative practices as part of her doctoral studies. It was during her first pregnancy that she discovered there wasn’t one program that met all of her needs as a new parent. So, she devoured every book, course, and practice out there to develop her own customized prenatal program for herself, her husband, and unborn child. This course is the result of that in-depth research and study. You won’t have to spend the days and hours completing the research, instead you will get the techniques and practices she found most helpful in one place.


Originally designed as an in-person workshop and retreat program, this program has been used to help other women overcome their fears surrounding birth and learn easy techniques to relieve some of the discomforts associated with pregnancy and birth.  Despite the value in these programs many women found it difficult to fit time in their schedule between work, prenatal appointments, and battling pregnancy fatigue to come out to a physical location. In an effort to make this easier for all moms-to-be, it is our pleasure to offer this very same program in an online format. You will receive all the same great content, connect with other parents, but do it all from the comfort of your own home and on your own time.